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Mtskheta is the ancient capital of Georgia. The city was founded in the second half of millennium This place is one of the most visited places in Georgia. As historians say, there was built the first Christian church in Georgia.
This is a sacred place for Georgians, it is associated with the appearance of Christianity.

In Mtskheta situated the earliest objects involved in the UNESCO world heritage in Georgia. This cathedral Svetitskhoveli and Jvari monastery. Many tourists from around the world come to see them with your eyes. The Svetitskhoveli – is the main cathedral of the whole Georgia. With this cathedral associated many legends, but they all have common content, that Svetitskhoveli built on the site where was buried the shirt of Jesus, which he wore during the crucifixion. In the burial place of shirt Christ grew the sacred tree for the residents of Mtskheta, from this tree was built the first Cathedral in Georgia. There is also many Legends of the name of the church. One of them says that after then sacred tree was cut down, and made from it a support columns for the erection of the church, but one column could not be installed in the ground, St. Nino with her prayers , without the help of the human, down the column in the ground this situation strengthen the faith in the God.
The Cathedral got its name – “Svetitskhoveli” from Georgian – “Life-giving pillar”. Konstantineh Gamsakhurdia wrote a book, “Hand of the Great Master,” it describes about how was built the cathedral, what sacrifices were made for the sake of its construction and the facts described the historical events of the time.

Another no less historic site Jvari Monastery – VI c., It is located on the hill with a wonderful view of the confluence of two rivers Kura and Aragvi. With this place is connected the legend that St. Nino during his time there, put a cross in that place , and then there was built monastery, building itself was made in the form of a cross, Jvari from Georgian translate as a cross.
When you visit the monastery is impossible admire the entertainment landscape. In Mtskheta many attractions, many historical and cultural values. When you come there it seems that you get into a place full of appeasement, the church seems to have been untouched since then was built, and the unreal beauty of nature.


March 22, 2018


March 22, 2018


March 22, 2018

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